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Some of the export to China solutions we can help with!

At Splendid China we can help you with most of your export questions in your specific sector, we do not limit ourselves to any particular sector about exporting to China. Below are some of the sectors that we have worked with in the past, to help companies easier to export their services and/or products to China. If you have questions about these sectors or about a different one please do not hesitate to contact us.

We know how to sell your product in China

Agri & Food export to China

At Splendid China we are one of the leading go to experts for your company about exporting and selling products in China. One of the sectors where we specialise in is the Agri & Food sector, we will help you with the export of your Agri & Food products to China.

The Chinese market

Why would you like to export your Agri & Food products to China? China’s agricultural imports, exports, and production have expanded greatly and almost doubled in the last couple of years. European union has had an increase of 22.2% from 2019 to 2020 in total exports to China. This makes China an interesting market to export your new products too. However, China is continuously issuing new entry requirements, certificates, registration and other procedures. More than often than not these changes are not notified to the general public or your national trade organisation or even announced until implementation is imminent. Due to the ever-changing requirements in China, it is good to work with a local partner, as we will be your eyes and ears there.

How Splendid China can help your business with exporting to China!

This is where Splendid China can help since we know the market with the time difference, distance and the differences in local cultures and customs! Our Splendid China team in Shanghai consists out of highly trained and educated local staff! Our team excels in selling products in China and help with any of your export enquiries. This makes us your ideal partner, as we understand the local Chinese as well as many of the European languages and cultures. So, make sure you make use of our knowledge and understanding of the local market, as we know how to sell your product on the local Chinese Market.

        Make use of our knowledge and understanding of the local market, as we know how to sell your product on the local Chinese market

— Marion Tjin-Tham-Sjin

Founder & CEO

We know how to sell your product in China

Why export Life Science & Healthcare to China?

One of the rapidly growing markets in China is healthcare & life sciences, this driven by an increase of demand of improved healthcare and changes to regulations. Some of the opportunities to life science & healthcare export equipment, technology or treatments include new treatments, rare diseases, innovative pharmaceuticals and biotech, clinical services and medical devices. However this is just a small part of export opportunities exporting life science & healthcare to China! If you want to know more contact us today, as we can discuss how your medical company can sell products in China.

Growing demand in China for healthcare

The population in China is one of fastest-ageing populations in the world and making non-communicable disease (NCD) now the largest killer in China at the moment. Which is the main factor for increase of oncology, healthy living/ageing and paediatric services. The growing middle class is the main catalyst driving an increase in the development of private treatment and hospitals in China. Making it an ideal market to explore options to promote your healthcare service or products – as we at Splendid China know the market and how best to approach this.

China's healthcare market reforms

In the coming years China is planning to improve the current primary care and promote a more tiered system by creating experts in GP clinics, digital health and hospital management and infrastructure.

Improving business environment

Currently China is trying to reform the regulation and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Making China at the moment one of the quickest places in the world to register new drugs. This all in alignment with international standards and with the world wide increase demand for new treatments which stimulates in many clinical trials.

Boao Lecheng, Medical Tourism

Located in Qionghai, Hainan province, the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, which was established with the State Council's approval in 2013, is one of the new innovative areas China is working on. The zone is located in the town of Hainan Free Trade port, as it aims to provide high-quality medical tourism-related services to locals and persons from abroad. They want to achieve this by using cutting-edge medical products, equipment, and solutions focusing on licensed medical treatments, cancer prevention and care, health management services, rehabilitation, aesthetic medicine, and anti-ageing treatment. The preferential policies in the area include zero tariffs, low tax rates, and making the tax procedures easier to navigate, to name just some of the benefits of the zone, which makes it easier to export your services, products and equipment to the Chinese market. One of the other eased policies of which the zone benefits is that China allows introducing new and innovative medicines, equipment, solutions and technology that has not yet been approved on the Chinese mainland.

Our offices are in China and in Europe

Why should Build & Design companies export to China?

China is at the moment one of the largest construction markets in the world. In the recent years China is seeing the need that it builds more sustainable. For the Chinese this is not just our interest but also a way to lower the energy usages in the constantly growing cities of China. However only a small part of the buildings constructed are build to the new standards but in the coming years this will change. 2060

China moves to a more greener building strategy

Increasing urbanization as well as national priorities on stability and sustainability have helped China expand its commitments to conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through green construction projects by 2060 . China's current focus on achieving to be carbon neutral by 2060 makes China a great place to be as an architect, builder or those who have green solution technology. As some of the challenges China is facing in moving towards a more sustainable way of building is that there is an issue with implementing these on a local level, lack of understanding and being aware of this in the public and private sector and lack of qualified experts in sustainable building design, construction engineers and designers in China. Which means that a large amount of the current buildings need to be overhauled to be inline with the 3 star regulations in China.

3-star China national green building rating system

China’s 3 star green building ratings consists out of 6 components which are; Land savings and outdoor environment, Energy savings, Water savings, Materials savings, Indoor, Environmental quality, Operations and management. A seventh category called “Preference items” contains strategies that are both cutting-edge and harder to implement, such as brownfield redevelopment, more than 10% on-site renewable power generation, etc. The China green building system grants three levels of ratings: 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star, hence the nickname “Three Star System”.

We know how to sell your product in China

Selling travel and hospitality in China

China is one of the largest new markets for any hotelier, tourism or hospitality business to promote their brand on. At Splendid China we know whom we can market and sell your business and to who.

Tourism trends in China

In recent years, the tourism industry has increased in China, making it almost impossible for anyone who wants to tap into a new visitor stream to go around China. In the coming, it is expected that China will be the new leader of outbound tourism worldwide, with an estimated 20% of all travel worldwide, due to the increase of domestic changes and growing middle class in China. So if you want to have those new guests, then it is time to invest in promoting your tourism business in China!

Where does the Chinese tourist want to visit?

The preferred destinations for Chinese tourists are in order of importance other Asian countries, Europe and Northern America. Within Europe, Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom are popular destinations for Chinese tourists.

What are the expectations of a Chinese tourist?

The Chinese tourist loves their 5-star hotels and are looking for mostly foodie holidays, nature, historical, family and fun destinations. Peaks of tourism outbound from China are generally at the Chinese spring and autumn during their public holidays. The preference of outbound tourism from China includes more a unique individual package for the traveller from China than a group package. This shows the rapid change in the expectations of the Chinese, as they are more than able to afford these travels these days.

Questions about Exporting to China?

Our team is more than happy to answer and help you with any questions you have about the exporting and selling of your products or services on the Chinese market.

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