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We know how to sell your product in China

We know how to sell your product in China

Our Splendid team in Shanghai exists of only native highly educated Chinese people, with an impressive track record of sales in China.

We are not restricted to any specific industry but our experiences so far are mainly in agri & food, build & design, lifescience & healthcare, tourism.

Our offices are in China and in Europe

Our offices are in China and in Europe

Since we highly believe in globally locally presence we have offices in both China and in Europe. This way we are close to both the customers ánd the market.

It goes without saying that we understand both the Chinese culture and language and the different European cultures and languages.

Your eyes and ears in the market

Your eyes and ears in the market

We very well understand that you are already exporting within Europe and most likely to the US too; it is not just China on your agenda.

Since you can't be at two places at the same time, and there is a big gap between China and you, in distance, time- and cultural differences, we will be in China on your behalf 24/7.

We will continuously update you on the latest developments.

Test the Chinese market first

Test the Chinese market first

Before making huge investments in the Chinese market, make sure there is market for your products first!

Make use of our knowledge, our office and our network, before you start up all this for yourself. Develop market while keeping your costs low first!

Do you want to know what we can do for your business in China?

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How it works

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    Market research

    First we will do research on the market. The results won't be big files of paper but all important data summed up in a PPT, finalized with a conclusion and a recommendation. With this information you will be able to make the Go/No Go decision.

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    Communication Strategy

    When there is a "Go", we will go ahead with making your company ready for the market entry to China. And this can be as extensive as you wish or your budget allows you to. Don't forget: you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

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    Sales & Marketing

    This we consider as the main activity: realise the actual sales. We visit or host the important trade shows in the market, contact - visit - and connect with the (potential) customers or distributors, and be your extended sales arm in China.

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    Finally, if all goes well, you could decide to keep Splendid China as your agent in China so we can do the aftersales and make sales growth possible.